NBA: Who are the 2023 Favorites to win the title?

The NBA Season 2021/2022 just ended a couple of weeks ago, and Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors came out on top after beating the Boston Celtics in the Finals. We will have a look at the current basketball betting odds. Even though some potential blockbuster trades are still pending, you might have a good shot at placing the right bet on the NBA 2022/2023 winners. Check back regularly and read through our sports news section.

Are you ready for the next NBA season and would like to place a bet? Meantime, the Boston Celtics should keep their core team from last season together, therefore they’re the current favorites (6.50 odds) for the new season. We’re sticking with the young guns of the Memphis Grizzlies (23.0 odds) though – what’s your pick with the basketball betting odds?!

Meanwhile, you can look through our sports betting options and try to bet on another sport that you might be interested in. Find some attractive offers with iBet promotions & bonuses. By the way, the new NFL season is also on the way and the first matchup between the defending champion, the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills should be a proper season opener on the 8th of September.