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There are different ways to make price boost offers to appeal to you as a user. Here a iBet everybody can benefit from an enhanced odds promotion. Always check back for our daily odds boost offers. Selected bets with enhanced odds are forwarded to you for various events, mostly from the area of soccer but we have all kinds of different boosts on our sportsbook.

For a particular soccer match, there might even be different boosted bets that are provided with matching odds. The daily price boosts can be subject to a maximum stake. The best thing here at iBet is, that you will get your boosted odds winnings straight up paid out in cash – with no further wagering requirements.

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How does an odds boost work?

You can find these kinds of offers regularly in our sportsbook. For an odds boost, the payout gets increased. This can either be for a money line, a point spread, totals, or basically every single market. Most enhanced odds offer will focus on the aforementioned main markets though.

For your understanding: boosted odds always move the odds in favor of your own good. Pick the right one and you can find a real bargain from time to time.

In case you might ask yourself if an odds boost automatically means a good bet – in that case, it’s a no. Obviously, it CAN be a good bet but it doesn’t necessarily have to be one. So don’t take a positive outcome for granted even if the odds might seem very tempting. Always do your research and base your decision on this result.

Current Price Boosts at iBet

As already mentioned, you can always find enhanced odds on our website. Most of them are football related, but you can also find some for Basketball, Tennis, Boxing or whatever sport you might like. Simply go on our sportsbook and check for the price boost category. Enough with the theory: Let’s take a look at the current boosted odds!


14th Februar : Paris SG – Bayern München to Advance Bayern Munchen 1.95 (was 1.75)


16th January: Australian Open 2023 Winner: Caroline Garcia 14.90 (12.00)

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  • You are eligible for a price boost offer on the market shown above these Terms and Conditions.
  • The stake in this boosted price can be limited. These limits can be found on the promotion page or will show on the betslip once exceeded.
  • If your bet is placed with cash and is a winner, the default odds will be paid out in cash. Additional winnings will be paid out as bonus money. The default odd is shown striked through on your betslip. This means, for example, if the default odd is 2.0 and the boosted odd is 3.0, you will have 1.0 paid out as additional winnings in bonus money. This bonus money needs to be wagered on Sportsbook 3 times in 14 days on odds of 1.50 or higher before it becomes available for withdrawal. Any bonus remaining after 14 days will be lost.
  • If your bet is placed with bonus money and is a winner, the winnings will be paid in bonus money and will have the same wagering requirements of the bonus money that was used for the price boost bet. To see applicable wagering requirements for winnings received from bets placed in bonus money go to Notifications>Bonuses>Active
  • As a player, you can forfeit the bonus at any time. Forfeiting a bonus will result in losing the bonus money and any winnings generated from the bonus.
  • Cooperating with other customers or betting on multiple outcomes in the same event in order to fulfill the wagering requirements is not allowed.
  • We reserve the right to remove players from this promotion and confiscate existing funds if evidence of abuse or fraud is found.
  • General terms and conditions apply.