Sports Betting – How to bet on Sports online

Sports betting is just awesome – there’s a whole range of different sports that you can bet on for pure excitement. No matter whether you love basketball, golf, Formula 1, or football, you are bound to find something here to appeal to you. Regardless of how you like to bet, there are plenty of opportunities to get your buzz going. There are literally thousands of sporting events that you can bet online throughout the course of a year, so what do you fancy trying? When it comes to sports betting and sports betting odds in 2022, there’s no doubt that football betting is by far and away the most popular sport to bet on. Obviously, there are some people who enjoy keeping a close eye on snooker scores or opening matches at big tennis tournaments as well. Just choose the sport or event that fits best for you.

Sportsbook for everybody

Obviously starting with the big European football leagues. We offer you the most competitive odds for all kinds of online sports betting. It doesn’t matter if you like to bet on the big markets or prefer the smaller ones – we cater exactly to your needs.

We are offering a big variety of sports betting possibilities where can you place a bet. Let‘s have a look at the most popular and exciting ones:

  • Tennis – are you interested in ATP, WTA, or other most popular tennis tournaments in the world? Do you want to support your favorite player or it might be that you want to make it more fun? Place a bet and get a completely unique betting experience. Get the best tennis betting odds and more insights about different tactics at iBet!
  • Golf – if you are a golf fan and you want to get more excitement. It is really worth taking a look at our golf betting overview and getting the most important information to start your betting career successfully.
  • Ice hockey – is one of the most popular and tough sports in the world with its famous NHL league. In case, you are excited about ice hockey and would like to feel like you are part of the game go through our ice hockey betting guide that makes your odds of success higher.
  • Formula 1 – are you passionate about speed? Make you feel like you are participating in F1 by betting online with iBet. Do you know who will be the winner of Constructo Championship 2022 or you might want to support your favorite driver? Take a moment and look through our formula 1 betting tips to make your experience in sports betting even better.
  • Football – is the favorite sport of millions of people. Are you one of them? In such a case, get more fun and excitement by placing a bet on the most popular sports event in the world – World Cup 2022. Get more details by looking through our football betting odds section and make your experience in online betting not just fun but also profitable.
  • Cricket – might be not as famous as Football. But it has a huge number of followers globally. Are you interested in Twenty20 World Cup or Cricket World Cup and would like to place a bet? It is worth reading our cricket betting overview to pick up the best betting strategy for you.
  • Boxing – it does not matter whether you are new to the world of boxing or with years of experience. If you are ready to make a bet and get a great experience from boxing events. Increase your odds of winning by checking our essential boxing betting tips.
  • Basketball – in case you are excited about the NBA and consider making your first bet online take into account that basketball betting has a lot of specific markets. Chose the best basketball betting strategy for yourself and get new emotions from NBA games.
  • Baseball – are you up to making a bet in baseball? Make preparations by doing research and checking the latest information about the players and teams. And do not forget to look through our top baseball betting odds to make you enjoy the game even more.
  • American Football – becomes more popular in Europe and more fans would like to support their favorite teams by placing bets online. Would you like try to make a bet? Increase your odds of success by defining the best NFL betting strategy.
  • Handball – has become one of the most popular sports with huge numbers of fans worldwide. Do you want to get new experiences from the upcoming Handball World Cup 2023 or EHF Champions League? To be successful today check our handball betting tips.
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As you can see we provide a big range of sports betting possibilities whatever your favorite sport might be. You name it, we have it. Our sportsbook is state of the art, and we offer everything that you are looking for. Place your bets before the match starts or use our live betting feature to get a more exciting experience online.

There is no better way to really feel like you are part of the big sporting event in 2022 than getting in on the online sports betting action. At the end of the year, the World Cup in football is coming up in Qatar but that is not all – plenty of other astonishing sports events and tournaments taking place throughout the rest of the year. The online sports betting odds in 2022 will shine bright like a diamond. But during summer and autumn, there will be plenty of possibilities to place the right bets. 

Sports betting in a nutshell!

As a general sports betting tip, you should stick to what you know though. If your expertise is football – run with it. Same and vice versa with different sports. You can test the waters with other “disciplines” as well but always keep your spending limits in mind, especially with markets that you are not so familiar with.

Place a bet:

Even with zero experience, it’s self-explanatory to place a bet on iBet. You simply choose your specific event, add your selection to the bet slip, choose the amount you want to bet and you’re good to go. This can be either made pre-match or you go for live sports betting. You can see the odds right away and your potential winning will pop up in your bet slip as well. As easy as it gets. 

No matter what kind of sport you like, or which sport you go for in the end,  iBet offers all the important markets and provides great odds as well. You are quite new to the world of sports betting? We’ve got you covered. Following up we’re trying to shed some light on the most relevant questions and terms in the world of sports betting. Check the latest sports news to have a better chance of winning the bet in 2022. 

Important terms at sports betting

The most common betting types are “single” and “multiple” bets. If you place a single bet, you only choose one selection. For example, you take your favorite team as the winner in a league match against another team. In that case, it’s not only a single bet – it’s a so-called “money line bet.” Along those lines, it’s also worth mentioning the “Head-to-Head” bet. At football you bet on one or the other team – a draw is not included. If it still happens, you get your money back. The odds are obviously slightly lower compared to a regular money line bet though. 

Want to risk a little more? Add further selections to your bet slip and the odds are multiplying. But be careful – the potential winnings might be higher but the risk to lose is accompanying higher as well. Those multiple bets are also known as “parlays.” 

Another often-used terms are “total bets,” where you bet on the total of points or goals scored. For this betting variant, you bet on the “over” or the “under.” 

Particularly for Basketball, you can also bet on the so-called “point spread.” This one is popular and basically calculates a potential point difference estimated by the oddsmakers. If one team is a big favorite against the other, they might for example be a 10-point-favorite (or any other number, depending on the match-up). To “cover the spread” the favorite has to win at least by that number of points – otherwise the underdog wins the bet “against the spread.” If you like to bet on Basketball and especially on the NBA – this method might be especially interesting. Since there are 82 games in the regular season for each team, even the best teams have some weak but obviously also some peak performances – you just need to point them out upfront. Check for example if a star player might be getting some rest and therefore the chances of winning for the affected team are lower. 

You can apply the same principle more or less to “Handicap betting” in football (or tennis, ice hockey, rugby, etc.) for example. With this variant, the bookmaker turns a match with uneven odds into an even money contest. The virtual advantage or disadvantage to a team evens out the odds – very similar to the above-mentioned “point spread.” 

Start Betting Now!

How to be successful at sports betting?

Obviously, there’s not one single go-to-tactic. There are different strategies but what works for one doesn’t have to work for another. Even if sometimes one of those mega parlays pops up on the internet – it’s better to place single bets or smaller multiple bets. 

Maybe you can much rather specialize yourself in a niche sport or a particular league, where your knowledge is the crucial key to success. For each and every method there’s one thing always in common though: efficient bankroll management. “Bet never more than you can afford to lose” – simple as that. For example, a conservative sports bettor is investing 1 – 2 % in a single bet from his bankroll. The average bettor is 3 % and if you are more on the aggressive side, you can level up this value to about 4 – 5 %. Just don’t overextend your limits! 

There is a range of upcoming sports events in 2022 where you can make the first try and get new emotions from online betting. To be successful at sports betting takes time and experience. It’s a process that will have ups and downs. For a start, it might be also useful to have a look at our iBet promotion page where you can find the offer that increases the odds of success.