Football World Cup 2022 Betting Overview

Starting on the 20th of November in 2022, the World Cup in Qatar is only a couple of months away. The biggest sporting event in the world is obviously also very important for the world of online sports betting. No other sport can be compared popularity-wise. The difference between placing a football bet on a regular league compared to World Cup betting is, that it’s harder to predict – even though the favorite teams to win the world cup – are most likely the teams to win the world cup. We are trying to shed some light on every important topic that might be useful to know for your world cup 2022 bets.

Favorites to win the World Cup

When it comes to online World Cup betting for an upcoming biggest football event France is currently after Brazil the top favorite to win the world cup and they will enter the tournament as the defending champion. If they could really achieve this, it would be quite unique. The last time a nation won back-to-back world cup titles was 1958 & 1962 with Brazil coming out on top. Besides the aforementioned France, there are obviously also other teams amongst the title candidates besides France and Brazil that also have pretty high odds of winning. Online sports betting odds on the potential world cup winner might come quite in handy if you place your bet before the tournament starts.

Let’s have a look at the different teams, who might have a shot at winning the title. When it comes to World Cup bets in 2022 Brazil is currently the number one favorite at iBet with odds* at 5.50, followed up by France at 7.00, England at 7.50, Spain and Argentina both at 9.00, and Germany at 11.00. Due to the good performances that Germany recently showed, they moved up quite a bit, leaving Belgium and Portugal behind at odds of 15.00.

How to place your World Cup 2022 bets?

To have the best possible chance at World Cup betting on the right outcome for a match, you really need to invest some time into research. Check the individual player’s form in front of a game. It’s important to know, how each team will perform with the exact lineup against each other. Compare both current rosters with each other individually and you have a good chance of estimating the right outcome. Normally most sports bettors are using a lot of statistical knowledge to compare the teams – but it is difficult to estimate the right odds for World Cup 2022 bets, the problem is a lacking sample size. Do not forget to check sports news to be updated and increase your odds of success in online betting.

The sample size will basically create itself during the tournament. The preliminary round can be quite useful to receive additional information about either team obviously. The same applies to the individual player’s data. The best guess before placing a world cup 2022 bet online at iBet is to have a very detailed look at the roster and build a decision based on that knowledge. Check if they have their best squad on the pitch and compare it to preliminary games where they might have played with a less capable team to rest some players. Before the world cup 2022 is about to start it might also come very in handy to check for certain iBet promotions & bonuses.

World Cup 2022 trends are hard to predict

As already mentioned, it is quite difficult to find a matching sample size for your planned world cup 2022 bets. Even if top-notch teams have teamed up against each other in a test match before – they still might have tried experimenting with new players or some of their stars were resting. It is quite rare, that both teams can go full force with their roster in a test match. Let’s have a look at the following example. One team beat another team a couple of times in a row, but those matches have been during the last couple of years. This obviously means that they won’t ramp up against each other with the same squads as the last time. So what is this information worth? To be honest – not that much. A lot can even change during one year, let alone a couple of years. That is the reason why online betting for such a huge event as Word Cup 2022 is very popular all around the globe.

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Which markets are available for your world cup 2022 bets?

Obviously, for the world cup 2022 bets, there will be a huge variety of online sports betting markets available. Starting with the different group matches that are already lined up. Since we are still a couple of months away from those games, it might – or it might not make much sense to already place a bet on those matches. If you get lucky – one of the star players from the opponent team injures himself for example and misses the match. The odds will get adjusted necessarily but since you already made your choice, you would still profit from the better odds – or vice versa. It’s definitely a two-sided sword. If you want to rather be safe than sorry – maybe stick to our incredible live betting experience!

Basically the same applies to your potential bets on the outright winner of the world cup 2022. If a star player gets injured before the tournament starts – the odds might drop for that particular team. Still, it’s quite popular to bet on a particular team to reach the semi-final, final, or even the winner of the world cup 2022.

There are also other very interesting betting possibilities at iBet, that might be quite appealing. For example, a very popular tactic is to place a the world cup 2022 bets on the top goal scorer. Right now Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema, Lionel Mesi, and Cristiano Ronaldo are the current favorites to win the title.

There are still plenty of other options that you can place your bets online, like who’s coming out on top at the end of the group phase or which team will advance to the next round. Even though it might sometimes be a little tricky to predict the outcome of a match – it’s still quite obvious to see, which teams are considered the favorites for each group.

*odds are subject to change