Cycling betting – how to bet on Cycling online

Cycling in the sports sense is the phrase used to describe bicycle racing. Road bicycle racing, track cycling, BMX, and mountain riding are just a few of the competitive cycling disciplines. In this article, we will discuss the most prominent online cycling betting category, which is undeniably road bicycle racing, often referred to as just “cycling” by people less familiar with the sport.

There are three significant annual events in the sport of cycling. The three biggest competitions in the sport are the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, and Vuelta a Espana. All of these three-week-long events are divided into daily stages and are collectively referred to as Grand Tours. As of 2022, there are no three-week races on the women’s road cycling calendar; the three Grand Tours are men’s events. However, the Giro Donne and the Tour de France Femmes are frequently seen as being comparable events for women, with the only exception being that they cover shorter, more manageable courses and last around a week.

The interest in cycling betting by the die-hard enthusiasts of the sport as well as some recreational watchers has seen a big spike over the years. This is mostly a consequence of the sport was circling the news with the Lance Armstrong doping case. It was a significant doping investigation that resulted in Lance Armstrong, a former American road bicycle racer, being found guilty and losing his seven successive Tour de France titles. Although this brought the negative press to the legitimacy of the sport, it also, on the other hand, introduced many people to it and it is talked about to this day. An interesting fact about cycling is that there is a gripping element to the sport and once you are hooked on watching it, you will probably end up being a lifelong fan.

And what is better than adding a little flavor to your viewing experience by online betting on your favorite cyclist while he fights through the grueling conditions over one of the three-week-long Gran Tours. We at iBet are here for “the full ride” in literal terms. Our broad sports betting portfolio is tailored to suit even the lesser-known sports around the world. Therefore, in addition to the most well-known sports globally for betting such as football betting, tennis betting, and basketball betting, we also offer other betting options with one example being cycling.

Different types of Cycling betting odds

Due to the unique nature of the sport of cycling, the cycling betting odds and markets are quite distinctive. The most common online betting market for cycling is predicting the outright winner of a certain competition, for instance, the Tour de France. This is a fixed bet placed before the start of the event where you back one of the competitors to take the medal home. While the event is ongoing, you also have the possibility to bet live when the odds are a little bit balanced out and a few favorites start to stand out from the field.

Some honorable mentions of betting markets available for cycling betting fanatics that are often not much utilized but, in any case, available on our service are “the best young rider”, “winning margin”, “rider vs rider”, and “over/under betting”. One recommendation from our side is to closely follow our sports betting news segment, where we update on the latest developments of our online betting service as well as cycling, for instance, right before a major event is about to take place.

Useful information to bet on Cycling

  • Know what you are betting on: As a consequence of the varying forms of cycling events, it is often difficult for bettors to establish a full picture of where they are betting. Therefore, before participating in cycling betting online, it is important to do some quick research on the event format, duration, stages, etc.
  • Cut the field of favorites short: Due to the fact that, for example, in the Grand Tours there are upwards of 150 competitors, it is imperative that you pick out your favorites early and have a clearer vision of what you expect from your bets. Questions that might arise are: Will you back the odds favorites or perhaps go for some coming up and promising underdogs to prevail?
  • Most recent form and results: When it comes to cycling betting, it is worth checking the form of the cyclists and their most recent results go without saying. Make sure to do your due diligence and never skip this step if you want to be successful in your prediction as this will give you a lot of insights into the previous performances of the cyclists.

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