Boxing betting – how to bet on Boxing online

Forever the sport of boxing has been very popular among sports betting fanatics all over the world and it’s steadily growing. We’re trying to explain the most important markets for boxing betting. If you’re new to this – we will explain exactly what to look out for, but chances are fairly good that you’re at least somewhat familiar with the sport itself. No matter if you’re going for the more “niche” markets or if you simply want to place a bet on the winner of a fight – the world of boxing is straightforward, even concerning sports betting odds. That’s why you need to select the best tactic for you in order to make your chances higher. If you already have some experience, you might also place a bet on how and when a fight will end. If you want to know what other possibilities are on the menu – have a look at all the different markets, listed below and enjoy the outstanding online betting experience with iBet hottest promotion offers in 2022.

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Want to place a bet on the winner?

As with all other sports as well, you can place a simple moneyline bet on the potential winner of the fight. There will be boxing online betting odds in 2022 on either the favorite or the underdog. Just choose which side you are on!

How many rounds will the fight last?

For this market, it’s obvious what’s it all about. No matter who will win in the end – you just bet on the number of rounds that this fight will last. It might either be possible to name the exact round or it’s an over/under bet, like total bets for other sports. For example, if you think that the fight will end with a K.O. or a T.K.O. before the end of the twelfth round – you bet on the under. You rather think that the fight will end with a victory after points – you go for the over.

On-Points Betting

Professional boxers are judged on a 10-point scale during a fight. The dominant boxer wins most rounds with a 10-9. If the judges consider the round to be even – it ends with a 10-10. A fighter can lose points every time they get knocked down. If both fighters get knocked down once, it evens itself out and nobody loses points. Another possibility to get points deducted is intentional fouls. The same goes in some cases for unintentional fouls. Boxing betting is similar to point-spread bets for other sports like football bets or tennis bets. It’s obviously about who’s winning in the end – and by how much they’d win.

Single or Parlay Bets

If there’s a big boxing fight coming up, there are often boxing preliminary fights going on as well. One of the distinguishing features of boxing betting is parlays bet where you can obviously decide if you want to only bet on the main fight or if you maybe want to do a small parlay bet. Those parlays don’t necessarily need to be all about boxing, instead, you can choose from different types of sports – as you like.

Boxing Prop Bets

Do you rather place your online boxing bets on a more specific event than just the outright winner of a fight? In that case prop, bets are exactly what you’re looking for. For most fights, there’s a sheer endless amount of prop betting options available. The most popular boxing betting tactic is obviously how a fighter manages to win a fight. Will the fight go over the full distance or will it end by K.O. or T.K.O.? Other possibilities for prop bet even include who the winner might face in the fight afterward.

Important tips for boxing online betting odds 2022

Obviously, it’s necessary to do a little research in front of every fight that you want to bet on. Check the fighter’s record and the opponent as well as how their last fights ended and who they fought. It’s also quite useful to check our iBet promotion page from time to time, to see if there might be a free bet or if some other goodies are currently available.

For well-placed boxing bet it’s important, that you leave the emotions out of it. Carefully chose the right tactic for boxing betting! Don’t place a moneyline boxing bet on somebody just because you are a fan this can significantly impact your odds of winning. It’s all about rationality. Not only look at the fighter’s record but moreover, you need to check for the type of style that both boxers are going for. Are they more on the active or more on the passive side for example? There are lots of different factors that you need to look out for:

Very important are power and speed for obvious reasons. If a fighter is fast, he’s able to land shots and get out. In comparison, if a fighter is strong – he might be a bit more on the slower side. BUT if they can throw a perfect punch, it might do some serious damage to their opponent.

Another aspect of boxing bets that you have to take into account is something that’s hardly controllable. It’s about how the judges are scoring the fight. Some judges tend to go for fighters with a higher volume of strikes and others go for the pure “damage” done by the fighter. You want to be halfway sure on who to bet on? In that case, check the judges upfront as well. What fights did they judge before this one and what were their decisions based on?

Other than that, you need to check for the technical abilities. Even if a “heavy-hitter” is most of the time the more popular fighter because they are more spectacular and normally they have the higher odds of winning– they can really get into trouble against the more tactical fighters at the same time.

Another factor that you need to watch out for is the “cast” of the training partners from the fighters. If they train with high-caliber sparring partners, most of the time they will be spot-on prepared for the fight itself. If they need to instead train with more subpar fighters, they might not get the perfect preparation for the fight and will therefore perform slightly worse as well. In this case, one of the keys to success when it comes to boxing bets is the latest information about the fighters that you can find in our sports news block.

There are lots of different aspects that come into play when we’re trying to estimate a boxer’s performance up front, especially in online betting. For you, as a boxing bettor, it’s obviously important to make your mind up about those unique factors. Very important is here definitely that you need to check the statistics before the big fight. Everybody knows the quote “numbers don’t lie” and that’s as true as it gets for boxing. They won’t tell you everything but check for punches in total, percentage of strikes landed, significant strikes landed, and where the strikes landed. Those numbers can tell you a lot.

If you put all those information into one bucket, it’ll be good for your own boxing betting performance and makes your odds higher. Best of luck to you in boxing betting with iBet in2022!