Badminton betting – how to bet on Badminton online

Badminton is a sport played with rackets on a court that is divided by a net, much like tennis. The contestants use a shuttlecock or birdie in place of a ball, attempting to land the projectile inside the lines of their opponent’s side of the court to score. While a tennis player may strike a ball off the bounce, in badminton the set is finished when a shuttlecock reaches the ground. All year round, elite badminton competitions are held around the globe. Numerous regions also hold games and national competitions in addition to the prominent world championships.

Looking back at the development of badminton as a sport in terms of badminton betting, what can be said is that in the past, unlike tennis betting, for instance, the coverage of badminton tournaments online was neglected by bookmakers. The sport was deemed unpopular for betting enthusiasts and betting on games was not a possibility, with the exception of some countries where the sport had a higher recognition.

We at iBet are always here for our customers, not only by offering the most attractive betting bonuses and promotions in the form of our “Sports Welcome Bonus” and “Casino Welcome Bonus”, but also by changing the perception of badminton betting and having coverage of the biggest events annually at your disposal. As a result of our inclusive vision, we have made sure to include badminton in our wide array of betting options and therefore give you the opportunity to place bets on your favorite players.

Different types of Badminton betting odds

The most prevalent online badminton betting markets and odds concern individual matches. Since the sport has mirroring similarities to tennis, the betting markets do not differ all that much, although there are differences. Following is the list of betting markets you can find on our service when it comes to badminton:

Match winner: Unquestionably, the most popular betting market for badminton is a match winner. As the name implies, this particular betting market enables you to forecast the outcome of who will triumph in a certain badminton tie.

Correct score: In addition to badminton betting on a match winner, there is also the correct score betting market. This is a more extreme version where you need to predict the exact final score of a certain match.

Game totals: In the case of the game totals betting market or also known as “over/under”, you must correctly predict the combined number of points scored by both clashing parties. To put it simply, your bet does not depend on the match winner, but rather on the number of combined points in the end.

Handicap: Handicap betting refers to giving a virtual deficit of a player to even out the playing field, usually putting the favorites at a disadvantage from the very outset. In the case of badminton betting, there are two types of handicap betting, game handicap, and set handicap.

In our future outlook, we plan to extend our online badminton betting markets and odds even further. Hence, to stay up-to-date, make sure to always follow the sports news section where our editorial collective will regularly update you on the latest developments.

Useful information to bet on Badminton

  • Analyze the matchup: It is of imperative importance that you do your due diligence when betting online on a badminton matchup. As a consequence of the niche worldwide popularity of the sport in terms of betting compared to football betting or basketball betting, it might be harder to come by some information regarding the players, but in any case, it is available if you dig a little deeper. As a starting point, always take a look at the Badminton World Federation rankings.
  • Analyze the recent form and Head-to-Head records of the players: As it is the case in many other sports, badminton players have drop-offs in their form and go on winning streaks as well. Hence, look for trends in the form of the players by examining their most recent six to twelve months of competition. Look for patterns in the opponents they tend to lose to and see whether they consistently beat players that play a particular style.
  • Consider Fatigue: A badminton match’s outcome can also be significantly influenced by the players’ fitness. The top players frequently play singles and doubles match quickly after one another, which causes exhaustion. Thereby, when it comes to badminton betting online, you should take the players’ schedules into account before betting on badminton matches.