Baseball Betting Overview

Baseball bets are quite popular in the USA – but obviously, in Europe, it’s not at the same status. However, in 2022 the interest in baseball betting is rising It still might be a good option for placing your bets. In contrary, to sports like Basketball and American Football, where most online sports bets are based on the point spread – Baseball betting means mostly moneyline bets. This means you bet on one of the two teams who face each other and pick the winner. Sounds simple? Yes and no. You choose between your favorite team and the underdog. If you go for the favorite, you obviously win less money. Going for the underdog results in higher odds but slimmer chances of winning at all. Let’s have a look at the most common baseball betting types in 2022 with iBet!

Different Baseball betting markets


  • As already explained, this most important market caters only to the winning team. Similar to football betting or ice hockey betting just pick the team which will come out of the matchup victorious and you are good to go for your Baseball bet. If you bet on the underdog, you can achieve significant winnings – but odds are slim. At baseball, it’s very important, that you are always aware of how the teams are currently performing look through our sports news section with all the most relevant information that makes your odds of winning in online betting higher. Obviously, it’s very important to check both lineups. Since there are quite a lot of games during the regular season, some key players might get some rest for unimportant games. Especially the starting pitcher can be a key indicator of the performance of a whole team.


  • The number of runs scored is crucial for total baseball betting. Choose over or under, if you want to bet on a particular number of runs. If the cut-off line is 8, you need at least 9 runs in order to increase your odds for a successful bet. Quite often at baseball online betting, the totals are set at a number like 7,5 or 8,5. The half numbers make sure, that there won’t be a so-called push. You either win or lose with your assumption.

Run Lines:

  • The run lines are the equivalent of a point spread or a handicap bet. Those Baseball bets run lines can have completely different odds than the regular moneyline bets. It’s for example still possible, that you lose your bet – even though your team won. But not with enough points difference. In this case, you have to be cautious and take the most appropriate tactics for you to win in online betting in 2022!

Prop Bets:

  • This is an additional market in baseball betting that is related to a specific outcome during a game. It can either be player-related or team related. For example, if a team will hit a home run against the other. Or is player xyz going to hit a home run? This can be basically anything – but it’s always depending on the particular game.

Live Bets:

  • Of course, you can also do live sports betting on iBet. This means you don’t place your bet before the game starts, instead, you can watch it live and make your decision based on this. Obviously, this has some clear advantages compared to the pre-game setup. For example, you know for sure, who’s on the field and who’s not. Maybe even watch the first inning to see how everybody is playing. That is one of the best tactics that can boost your odds of winning when it comes to online baseball betting.

Baseball Betting Tips

  1. Sometimes in baseball betting is better to root for the underdog. Especially if they are so-called plus-money underdogs. If you try to avoid betting on the favorites all the time and consistently take underdogs with odds ranging from 2,2 to 2,7 for example – and you win less than 50% of your bets, you will still be positive with your betting units.
  2. Tooting into the same horn as our first betting tip: in online baseball, bettings try to avoid the big favorites like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers for example. Those are most of the time well over-priced because the common better will always go for them – no matter the details. Be always aware, that even if you win with your favorite the payout is going to be relatively small. This makes only sense if you want to bet larger amounts.
  3. Here’s a tip that can be basically applied to every sport. Bet against the audience. Never forget, that the average sports bettor is always rooting for his team. Here is baseball betting on favorites, popular teams, teams with star players, and home teams. Obviously, this can work as well but there’s much more behind it. Current form, potential injuries, stat lines, and so on. Always do your research instead of just going for your personal favorite. Check out our sports news section with the updated information that can positively impact on your odds of success in online betting in 2022.
  4. The next tip for your baseball bets is way more particular and is connected to the weather. Especially with the wind that sometimes plays a key role in the game as a result it has a direct impact on your odds of winning the bet online. If the wind is going strong, your results tend to go for the under. Logically this makes perfect sense since it’s not that easy to hit the ball out of the park if you can’t predict it very well. Depending on the wind direction it might also come in handy sometimes for an over – since it might turn fly balls into home runs.
  5. Bankroll management is also crucial for your baseball betting career. Be always aware of your bankroll and bet only money, that you can afford to lose. For example, your betting bankroll is €1000 in total. You should bet 1% up to 5% per bet. The average bet would be 3%. Of course, you are not going to hit the ground running with those numbers – but instead, consistency is key. Sometimes you will have ups and sometimes obviously some downs as well. But the odds of losing big in online sports betting are lower if you always think about your bankroll management. It’s also a good recommendation to stay away from big parlays. Yes we know, they look tempting but it’s still a huge risk. Even if everything is working in your favor – only one lost match is needed and your baseball betting parlay goes up in smoke. When you want to be risky regularly look through our iBet promotion offers in 2022 it might be the chance that you will find what you are looking for.