Handball Betting Overview

Handball is more of a niche sport concerning betting outside of Europe. Handball betting still can be very profitable though. If you want to be successful and get the best online sports betting odds in 2022, it’s always necessary to follow a certain strategy. Obviously, you can still get lucky occasionally but every single person who’s good at sports betting – puts a lot of effort into the whole topic. No matter what kind of sport we are talking about. In this article, we will explore all the relevant information, easy tactic, and betting tips in order to be successful in online handball betting in 2022.

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Different sports betting markets

The market selection for Handball betting is quite small, therefore it’s pretty beginner friendly. Let’s have a look at the different markets!

Match winner

This one is obviously a self-explanatory online betting market. You just place your bet on the winning team. This applies to every sport, not only to Handball betting. Obviously, it’s possible as well for football betting, ice hockey betting, or Champions League betting.

Total points

You can place a bet on how many goals you expect in a particular match. It’s often a high-scoring affair, that’s why your handball betting odds are done with pretty big frames. Those could look like this, for example, 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc.


These kinds of online bets are available for every sport as well. At Handball betting you can place your bet on the future winner of a particular cup or league. Mostly it’s common to place your bets before a season/cup starts. But depending on the timing it still might be possible to place those bets during the season. For example, you could place a bet on the EHF European Women’s Handball Championship, which is starting in November 2022. The big favorites for the tournament are Norway right now. The odds are 1.80 and Germany as an underdog is currently standing at 26.0 (last update: 16/08/2022).

Most important Handball leagues & cups

As already mentioned, Handball is most popular in certain parts of Europe, like Germany, Hungary, France, and Scandinavia. As in football, there’s the EHF Champions League for the best teams in Europe as well. If you like to place a bet online on Handball – this is as good as it gets. At the beginning of 2023, there will be the next Handball World Cup, if you want to support your team and get a perfect online experience with the best odds of winning place a bet in iBet. France currently holds the record for winning the most titles with six. Besides that, you obviously have the big leagues in Europe, where you can bet on the different teams. The most common ones are The German Bundesliga with famous teams like SG Flensburg-Handewitt or THW Kiel. But also the Spanish League, the French National League, Hungary’s K&H Liga, the Polish Superliga, and last but not least the Danish Håndboldligaen are very famous in Europe.

Handball betting strategies

There are a couple of golden rules, that you should always keep in mind while betting on sports online, especially when you take a part in handball betting in 2022. Obviously, you need to keep your bankroll in check. Just gamble with money that you can afford to lose – simple as that. Besides that, it’s necessary to do your proper research about the match, team, league, or whatever you want to bet on, this kind of preparation can significantly impact on your odds of winning the bet. Obviously, there is not like one 100% safe bet but with having knowledge about the sport and the teams you can improve your hit ratio. Do not forget to regularly check iBet bonuses and promos where you might get free bets and try the riskiest strategy that you haven’t applied before. But let’s get more specific!

Focus on totals

As we already mentioned before, Handball is involving a lot of action and goals. To estimate the number of goals that might be falling – you need some knowledge in order to win on handball betting online. But if you can fulfill this criterium or are good at doing statistical research, this market might be the right one for you. Be careful though if you’re just going for the stats tactic. You can only use this as an indicator, since both teams, depending on their own playing style can for example create a high-speed/scoring setup – or do the complete opposite because they basically neutralize each other with their particular tactic. Have a look at the former results between the two opponents, as well as look through our sports news block that might help you out and makes your odds higher. Also, you should always be aware, that most of the time friendly matches mean more goals.

Stay with single bets

Even if so-called accumulator bets are very popular and always look quite tempting – they are not very lucrative. When it comes to handball betting you really need to have a lot of knowledge (or have a lot of luck) to really make them worth it.

Don’t fall for the hype

Simple as that. If you keep on leveling up your knowledge, you will always have better chances of winning. It’s still time-consuming though, doing all the research. Sometimes you will notice hyped-up teams or players and this might lead to the favorite’s odds falling and you get good value for the opponent team. Taking this into account and the dynamic specific of online handball betting sometimes it might be the right opportunity to go for the underdog.

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Keep your emotions out

Sometimes it might be a little hard to be successful in handball betting, since most users are obviously rooting for a particular team or player, and you want them to win – but as a matter of fact, you shouldn’t be too biased by a team that you like or dislike. This strategy can not be applied successfully in online sports betting in 2022. Rather break it down more rationally and just have a look at their current form, their numbers, or anything else related. The same basically applies if you are just hoping for the win of the underdog because the odds were too tempting. Check always upfront, which odds seem to be the most appealing due to your prediction. At the end of the day, it’s obviously still a gamble but numbers don’t lie – and your personal chances to become a winning player are way better if you are placing your bets with a more rational-based approach. Simply put together all the facts, information, and statistics that you can find about the game that you want to bet on – and you might get lucky!