Tennis betting – how to bet on Tennis online

Besides football betting tennis betting is one of the most popular sports to bet on. You can bet on every match, on every point, and on every important tournament that gets played in the biggest competitions all around the world. In contrast to traditional betting, online betting is the most convenient way of making a bet in 2022. We cover the pre-match market and live sports betting is possible as well! Place your bet slips everywhere, no matter if you are on your smartphone or from your computer at home. Our easy-to-use web browser platform is accessible online all the time. It clearly displays the current odds and also the match stats which are quite helpful to estimate who might be coming out on top! One of the reasons why online sports betting odds in 2022 are so popular is because it is an all-year sport. That means there are more than enough different events that you can actually place your bets on.

Our sportsbook brings all the best tennis betting odds for every major tennis tournament. Place all your personal favorite tennis bets on male and female players ranging from Novak Djokovic to Iga Świątek. Every important market from the ATP or WTA is available. You can check upcoming sports events for 2022 in our sports news section.

Tennis and Football

Different types of tennis betting odds

Tennis Moneyline Bet: Similar to ice hockey betting or basketball betting, one of the most popular ways of betting on tennis online is a Moneyline bet. Bet on the player who will win the tennis match or the whole tournament. This can involve singles or doubles. 

Tennis Over or Under betting: In general, this tennis betting market is one of the most popular markets. For Tennis, it means that you bet on how many games will be played per match. Most players engage in 3-set matches. If that is the case, most of the time you will find over/under odds on a match going above or below 22 sets. Do you believe that a match will be close, take the over as the smart call. It is one of the most often used betting options, the best way of increasing the chances of winning is to look through statistics and the latest information about the players to make the bet less risky.

Tennis Set Betting: In case you believe that one tennis player going to be better than expected you can get higher odds on winning using tennis set betting. Bet on the results of a particular tennis match in sets.

Set 1 Winner: Which player will win the first set?

Set 1 Game: You bet on the number of games played during the first set. For example, +-6,5 games played or +-10,5 games.

Set Betting 3 sets: Place your bet on the exact set result.

Total Sets Played: You bet on +2,5 or -2,5 sets for example.

Set 1 Winner/Set 2 Winner: Bet on the winner of the specific set.

Total Games Played: You bet on +24,5 or -24,5 games for example.

Tennis Prop Bets: You can wager on a specific aspect of a player or an event. These types of bets can vary – yet most of the time, none are directly connected to the outcome of the match and are not always available.

Tennis Exact Score Betting: Do you like to bet with a higher variance? In that case, you can go for this type of bet. It’s obviously very hard to predict the exact outcome of each set or the exact number of sets won by each opponent. But if you win – you win big!

Match Spread Bet: The match spread refers to the number of points an opponent will win or lose by.

Tie Break in Match: Will there be a tie break in the tennis match or not?

Tennis Parlay Bets: Not a single bet, instead you combine two or even more tennis bets to increase your payout. The tennis odds will adjust as all bets will need to win.

What are live tennis betting odds?

Most of the different betting types that you just learned about are actually also available online during a game. If you prefer an in-game bet, those get typically referred to as live bets. Have you ever thought that tennis is one of the most popular sports betting options when it comes to live betting? Tennis is a dynamic sport and the chances of winning are constantly changing. However, with iBet you have the opportunity to make a bet after every set or even point. The odds are getting constantly updated during the match so that you are always able to adjust to the situation.

Useful information to bet on tennis 

  • No matter what kind of tennis betting tactics you want to place – the result will be settled by the official website of the tournament itself. Sometimes the set format still shifts, since the number of winning sets varies from match to match or tournament to tournament. 
  • If you bet pre-match on a particular match and one of the players doesn’t show up due to illness or an injury and therefore gets a walkover – the bet itself is canceled. 
  • Champions tie break: depending on the competition itself, matches that reach one set all, get decided by a Champions tie break. In that case, the Champions tie break counts as the third set. 

Which competitions can you find on iBet?

There are many tournaments played in 2022 and you can find a huge variety of all the ATP and WTA tournaments on iBet. Obviously, the Grand Slam tournaments get to be the most important, like the Australian Open, Wimbledon, or the US Open. The tennis betting odds for those competitions are always top notch and you can find every important tennis betting market. But don’t worry, even the smaller tournaments that don’t get as much media coverage – we still have them in our line-up, so you can place a bet on them. For online sports betting the most popular tennis markets to bet on are match winner, first set winner, handicap, and total bets.

Those handicap bets are well received. If there is a particular handicap match between two players, one of them acts as the favorite and the second one as the underdog. Depending on who you placed your bet on, it levels the game out (due to the underdog with a virtual advantage) or vice versa. To be successful at tennis betting and have higher odds of winning you need to often focus on the statistics. Most of the players have a particular city, tournament, or court that they prefer. Numbers don’t lie and that’s the reason why you should really check the players and their preferences.

For example, the surface is the most important handicapping factor in tennis. Most players tend to have a favorite surface and very few players feel every surface “at home”. The Wimbledon tournament is a definite classic with its grassy surface. This is particularly good for serve and volley players with a good serve. Contrary to that, take the French Open for example where they play on a clay surface. This surface gives an advantage to baseline players while slowing down big serves. If you want to focus on tennis betting, always check the surface first before placing your bet. It might actually change the tennis online betting odds drastically. Do the research, choose the best market for you, and enjoy a completely fantastic betting experience with iBet in 2022.