American Football Betting Overview

Nowadays NFL betting has become very common – even in Europe. And not only in time for the Super Bowl every year. Worldwide millions of players are rooting for and supporting their favorite team during the American Football season. Obviously, you can not only place your online sports betting pre-match – but you can also place them during the game using the live betting option at iBet that in some cases can significantly increase your odds of success. The new American football betting season in 2022 is starting up in autumn and for sure it’s going to be one for the books. With the Los Angeles Rams as the defending champion, time will tell – which teams can make a deep run for the playoffs?!

American Football Betting Explained

A couple of years ago, American Football was more or less only popular in Northern America. But due to the better accessibility of live streams and obviously American Football betting going hand in hand – it has become a thing in Europe as well. Even though basketball betting and baseball betting are not far behind, the NFL is still running the sports world in the USA. Concerning sports betting it’s quite interesting as well since there are lots of different markets on what you can bet – no matter if you’re going for live sports betting or if you want to place your bet before the game starts. For a better understanding of betting tactics as well as higher odds of winning, we’re presenting to you now the most important online markets in 2022:

Moneyline: This market is obviously the most popular one. By making moneyline online you simply choose the winning team between the home and away teams. Draws are exceptionally rare in American Football. That’s why you can’t place a bet on a draw. The potential extra time is included in your moneyline bet.

Handicap Betting: Since there are lots of points scored in most NFL matches, handicap betting is very popular for punters. The handicap basically evens the odds for matchups with a huge favorite and an underdog. This market can be very interesting for every player who likes online American Football betting.

NFL player Betting: For American Football betting the current trending market is definitely going in direction of player prop betting. You can bet on who scores the first touchdown. Most of the time it’s going to be either a wide receiver or maybe even the quarterback of one of both teams. Wide Receivers score most of the points in American Football – be aware of that.

NFL 2022-23 Super Bowl Winner: For the outright winner of the new season currently the Buffalo Bills are the favorite to win the prestigious Super Bowl with American football betting odds of 7,00, followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Green Bay Packers.

NFL 2022-23 AFC Winner: This outright (AFC) winner is working just like the former American football betting on the outright Super Bowl winner. The Buffalo Bills are a clear favorite with a chance of 4,35 followed by the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL 2022-23 NFC Winner: The same applies to the potential NFC winner. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a clear favorite at odds of 4.00. The Los Angeles Rams follow with the likelihood of 5,50!

Coach of the Year: The name of this market already spills the beans: obviously it’s about the best coach for the upcoming season.

NFL MVP – Regular Season 2022-23: One of the most popular outright players prop bets. Even though it’s kind of hard to predict. Current favorites are Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Tom Brady with likelihood between 7,50 and 9,00.

NFL Defensive Player of the Year: The same applies to the Defensive Player of the Year award. Even though you have some favorites – there might still be a surprise winner in the end. Probable winners right now are Aaron Donald, Myles Garrett, and Tj Watt. All of them are currently standing on chances of 7,50!

Any team with a 20:0 season: This would mean an absolutely flawless record from start to end. Only four teams, in general, have completed this incredible task: 1934 Bears, 1942 Bears, 1972 Dolphins, and most recently the 2007 Patriots. If you think this will change for this season you receive currently odds of 41,0 at iBet!

Offensive/Defensive Rookie of the Year: Every season the best two newcomers get an award. The so-called Rookie of the Year, a very prestigious award. Currently, Kenny Pickett, Drake London, and Chris Olave are leading the offensive pack with odds between 8,00 and 9,00. For the defensive end, it’s Aldan Hutchinson, Kayvon Thibodeaux, and Travon Walker, who are favorites of winning the title with the American football betting chances between 5,25.

Comeback Player of the Year: Everybody loves a good comeback story, right? This award is dedicated exactly to those types of players. Maybe they haven’t played in the NFL in the season before – due to a severe injury or just because of poor performance. Now they are back with a vengeance hopefully. Current favorites to top the league in that category are Derrick Henry, James Winston, and Christian McCaffrey. The NFL betting odds are between 4,50 and 7,50 (all odds: last updated 23/08/22).

The best NFL betting strategies

Now you might have a good overview of what different kinds of markets are available for your American football betting activities. If you still need some good advice for online betting tactics, we prepared a couple of tips for you already that increase your odds drastically!

  1. Look out for the home-field advantage: This particular category is quite important. Before placing a bet it’s always necessary to compare both teams’ stat lines. Some teams are just good while performing at home, while it might be quite complicated for them to play on the away field. In online sports betting, it is also necessary to consider the latest sports news to be aware of some important and updated information about the team and players.
  2. Take a look at the individual matchups: Obviously, American Football is a team sport – but you still need the individual performance of the players as well. Certain one-on-one matchups are crucial for the outcome of the game and your odds of winning. And this doesn’t only apply to the players. It’s about the head-to-head performance between the coaches as well. The playbook from one coach might work very well against another coach – but it might NOT work against the next team. Always be aware of that when you take part in American Football betting online in 2022.
  3. NFL bets should be placed with a rational approach: As “stupid” as it sounds – it’s important that you bet with your head and not with your heart. Maybe you support a particular team and you just want them to win – and place a bet on them. It’s important to put aside your personal preference and just keep on relying on your assembled information and stat lines. Otherwise, your odds of losing in the NFL online betting are significantly higher.
  4. Always check for injured players: This tip is very crucial as well. Always check the injury report before the game. Small changes to a lineup can have big effects on the outcome of a game. Sometimes the injury reports might be a little off but you can gather more information through the Twitter accounts from team experts for example as well as updated sports news from iBet.
  5. Don’t forget to check for iBet promotions in 2022: This one is obviously very particular for your preferred sportsbook page. With the NFL season starting in a bit – we might have something lined up for you. Definitely check back on the regular and you might find some free bets or risk-free bets lined up for you! Best luck in American Football betting at iBet!