Online Slot Games Overview

Slots are one of the most popular online casinos game because of their easiest to play, fun, and high payoffs. Slots games are offered not only by every online casino provider but land-based casinos as well. The main reason for such popularity is the opportunity to place and win a bet on slots without any previous experience required. To play all you need is to insert virtual coins, press the spin button, cross your finger, and wait for the results. When the spin is finished, you can either gain cash or not win anything at all.

Sounds quite simple, right? However, if you are going to bet on slots automatically without thinking and picking up some tactic and strategy, there are pretty high odds that you will lose a lot of money very quickly. In case, you are new to the world of online casino slot games this introduction guide for beginners will explain to you the basic aspects you need to know in order to increase your odds of winning.

The main Terms of Slots games

Before playing slot games it is necessary to learn about the basics element of every slot game. Here are the main terms you need to know before making a bet in slots games


Online Slots payline is made up of rows that cross the reel in each direction. Moreover, symbols can be displayed in rows that move across the reels or they may be composed in groups that are all in the same row. When you get a definite number on the payline you win. The maximum number of paylines in slot games is 50.


In every slot game, there is a reel. Each reel has unique various symbols or numbers on it. Take into account, that the number of reels can be added, so it can be three, five, seven, or more reels at the same time. You can get some cash only in case when the reel is stopped, and it notifies you about the winning combination on one of the paylines.


Symbols are the most important element when it comes to online slots. Symbols are any image or number that is used to form a winning combination across a payline. There are different types of slot symbols, and some of them have specific meanings such as wild symbol, scatter symbol, bonus symbol, and free spins.

  • The wild is a slot symbol that can be used to create a winning combination by substituting another symbol. For example, if you get three apple symbols on the payline and one wild symbol, it will count as four apples.
  • A Scatter symbol is mostly used in advanced online slot games. The meaning of this symbol can be different depending on the particular game, but most of the time it activates various bonuses.
  • The bonus round symbol allows you to play an additional round that can significantly increase your odds of winning.
  • Free spins- should be considered as another form of bonus, in many cases, it increases your virtual balance with additional spins, but sometimes you can get special symbols that can influence your odds of success like a wild symbol, scatter symbol, extra features, etc.

The most popular online Slot games

Every year game providers and developers create new games or add features that make your experience in online slot gaming even better. It is really difficult to define what is the most popular slot game this year or what would be the top online slot game in the next year. However, we recommend you to look through our list of the most popular online casino games in 2022 that you can enjoy playing at iBet.

Book of Dead – do you like stories about Ancient Egypt? Do you want to feel like a pharaon and go deeper into the world of pyramids and ancient gods? You have to check one of the most popular games of recent years – Book of Dead, which provides you with an opportunity to win up to 5000 your stake.

Reactoonz – is a well-known online casino slot game. It is designed with unique features that can provide you with even more lucrative winnings and the best experience from online casino games. Read more about Reactoonz and start playing via

Legacy of Dead – is a user-friendly developed video slot game that provides players with an opportunity to multiply the total prizes. Look through iBet overview and start playing Legacy of Dead, increase your chances of winning by knowing all the fundamentals of the game.

Temple Tumble – is an online casino slot game developed by Relax Gaming. Discover the world of Cambodian jungles, and get to know all the necessary information required to play Temple Tumble successfully.

Sweet Bonanza – is an innovative online casino game from Pragmatic Play that is quite different from the classic design of slot games. The new features make not only create a new experience but also can be considered one of the best slot games from Pragmatic Play. Sweet Bonanza is a good choice for those who just start playing online casino games and want to learn how the slots work.

Starburst – is one of the classic slot games, that has huge numbers of fans all over the world. The main goal in Starburst is to catch the stars and gems. If you want to try one of the best online casino games, you can easily play it at iBet with no effort required.

Gates of Olympus – is quite a new slot game that became popular in the last couple of years. The developer of Gates of Olympus is Pragmatic Play, the game is famous for its eye-catching design and computer graphics. Read our Gate Olympus overview to find out the main pros and cons of playing Gates of Olympus online.

Gonzo’s Quest – do you want to discover forgotten treasures? Play the online slot game Gonzo’s Quest and enjoy the feeling of adventure. Your main responsibility is to keep up with him and at the right moment just spin the miraculous symbols for him.

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Tips on how successfully play Slot games online

Online slot games have a completely different concept behind them in comparison to live casinos. We have to admit, that the ultimate goal of playing slot games is to win, however, you have to be aware that these kinds of games are unpredictable. A random number generator defines what combinations are going to pop up, while neither the player nor casino provider can influence that, so after you press the button, you will never know, what the results are going to be. But, there are some main tips that you can apply when you want to have fun and get a great online casino experience.

  1. AT iBet you can place a practice mode in most of the slot games. Do not miss this opportunity, check it out and if you find the game that meets your interests and expectations, go through the registration procedure and play for real money.
  2. The next tip is to define the bet strategy and tactic. Basically, when you want to play online slot games you have two options, one is RTP which stands for Return to Player, it is a defined percentage of money that a game return back to the player in the long run. For example in iBet, the RTP of slots is 94%, which means that for every 100€ bet it gives back to the player 94€, leaving 6€ in the casino. The second consideration, that the player has to be aware of is variance – how frequently a slot game payout. This means that lower variance games pay out smaller winning but often, in contrast, high variance means no payouts for a time, but when you win the payout will be considerably higher.
  3. Last but not least thing when you play online slot games place a stake and spin the reel and wait until it stops and shows you whether you have won or not. Remember, that it does not matter how much fun you have when you press the spin button, at the end of the day you have to stop and be a responsible player! In the beginning, you have to determine your budget and stick to that. Another recommendation is to establish a win limit, for instance, if you have won 10% or 20% more than your starting balance. Following these tips, you can not only find an ideal balance but what is more important ensure that you win in the long run and are ready for the new winning during your next gaming session
  4. The final aspect, that you have to pay attention to is the iBet promotions, welcome bonuses, and hot offers that appear from time to time. In case, you are a sports fan, check out our best sports betting odds and get the opportunity to gain some cash.
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