Football betting – how to bet on Football online

The world of online sports betting in 2022 has changed especially for the European market around football. It’s by far the most popular sport and if you want to discover the world of football betting as well, we’ve got you perfectly covered at iBet and provide you with a great online experience. We offer very attractive odds to match up with the excitement and feel on the pitch. With our broad variety of endless betting possibilities, we cover every second of every match – no matter what league or team you might be a fan of. Champions League, Europa League, or any kind of international match. We’ve got them all. In any way, we provide you with the perfect football betting experience. Are you new to the world of sports betting? Our user interface is basically self-explanatory. User-friendliness is one of our highest concerns since we want to cater to everybody – ranging from the beginner to the advanced users!

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How to bet on football?

At iBet you can place your wager on a broad variety of events and factors. Just like basketball betting or ice hockey betting, iBet provides the same experience as football betting. You can for example bet on the outright winners or whether both teams will score. Those are absolute classic markets for every football match. Following up you can see some of the most popular football online betting odds possibilities: 

  • Outright winners and losers
  • Handicap
  • Number of goals 
  • Number of goals in first half 
  • Double Chance
  • Draw no bet
  • Half time/Full time
  • Goal scorers
  • Both teams score
  • Result + Both teams score

Depending on the match there might be even more particular markets that you can bet on. Our iBet promotions are always top-notch as well. You can find an odds boost for certain matches and a wide range of other specials and different others throughout the season. Always be on the lookout for our free bets or risk-free bets that we often hand out to our users.

If you want to bet on a particular match, just watch the match bet market. Just simply navigate through our football betting section and choose the match and the market that you want to bet on. Be it pre-match or live betting. Just add them to your bet slip and enter your stake and you are good to go. You’re absolutely free to choose if you want to go for a single bet or take a higher risk and go for a parlay. 

Football betting glossary 

You are still on the come-up and just started to get to know the world of football betting? We’re trying to shed some light on some of the most common terms. 

Full-Time Result:

This is one of the most common tactics when it comes to football betting. Also known as 1×2 betting it’s about the prediction of which team will win after 90 mins. There’s no potential extra time or potential penalties included. Bet either on the home team, a draw, or the away team. The final score after the second half counts. When you want to make your odds higher be sure that you check our sports news and look at the statistics of the last matches before you make the final decision. Another tip that you have to remember is to use live betting opportunities that can provide you with huge benefits.

Asian Handicap:

With Asian Handicap betting it means that one team gets a virtual advantage and you bet on the team that’s going to win with the given handicap (or advantage). This is particularly interesting for a matchup between strong opponents because it can increase the sports betting odds of success when there is no determined leader.

3-way Handicap:

Betting on Football with the European handicap variant gives you the possibility to bet on a virtual lead, which is given to one team. You bet on the outcome of the game given that specific lead. It is possible to bet on each of both teams and also on a draw.

Over/Under Betting:

For this particular market, which is also sometimes referred to as O/U betting, you are betting on the total amount of goals or points scored. The bookmaker creates a certain line with the related odds. For example in the first round of the new Premier League season Crystal Palace plays against Arsenal. For the +2,5 goals bet you receive currently odds of 1.98 at iBet and for the +2,5 goals the odds are at 1.88. This means that the bookmaker estimates it to be a possibly “low scoring affair”. 

Double Chance Betting

Double chance betting is another way of football betting you can back effectively two outcomes out of the regular 1×2 market. For example, back the home team to win and you also win if the final outcome is a draw. The same applies to the possibility of taking the away team combined with a draw. The third possibility would be betting on the winning of either team. Especially if you’re just starting out with sports betting this might be a fairly good choice for placing the first bets since you’re obviously reducing the chances of losing. 

Combination Betting

It’s not only possible to place single bets, the so-called combination betting or parlays/accumulators are a definite crowd favorite. It’s all about adding a number of bets together into a big bet with multiple matches. It’s also possible to combine different matches and leagues. You can even combine different sports together – whatever floats your boat! You can even do the combination betting with live betting odds for example at halftime. Obviously, you can win much larger amounts of money but the risk is increasing accordingly. 

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Outright Betting

For this particular market, you’re not placing your bet on a single game, instead, you’re placing it on the whole tournament. For example, you bet on the winner of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. 

Head2Head Betting

In the so-called Head2Head (or H2H) market two players or teams are facing each other – even if they don’t necessarily have to confront each other. The bets will be settled based on both teams’ results. 


It’s a sort of combination bet as well. For example, you bet on the first, last, or anytime goal scorer. You also bet on the actual score of the game. If your chosen player didn’t start the game, your bet will get canceled and you get your money back.