Basketball betting online!

Especially in the USA NBA betting is one of the most popular forms. You have a huge variety of all kinds of NBA basketball betting besides the generic cross-sport markets such as money line, points total, and point spreads. But there are also NBA-specific markets like player rebounds, player assists, and player points scored. Also, you can bet on the outright winners such as the upcoming NBA champion, the divisional and conference winners, or for example the MVP award. NBA betting is also quite popular on our website. Definitely check out our iBet promotions & bonuses page as well – you might find some nice goodies from time to time that can bring you huge gains in 2022!

The regular season itself is quite long with a huge variance during the matches. Sometimes the star players might get some rest and the bench gets more playing time, therefore changing the dynamics of the whole game as well as impacts on your odds of winning the bet. This is the reason why basketball betting is so popular and interesting. Because in that case, even the underdog can sometimes win against the clear favorite. It’s necessary to inform yourself about the current injury report from each team before you can place a bet since a missing key player can change the basketball online betting odds drastically.

Due to the large number of games getting played you have a broad variety of games to choose from. Here at iBet you can obviously not only place your bets pre-match, but you can also go for the basketball live betting odds. Especially for a fast-paced sport like basketball, it almost fits perfectly for those kinds of bets. For example, a lot can change in a short period of time in a basketball match. That means, the basketball online betting odds can get flipped within minutes. Not every pre-match available market will be available for live betting though. No matter which market you are in the end going for – watch out for our famous iBet promotions as well!

Different NBA basketball betting online markets

The most popular market for basketball betting would obviously be the moneyline bet. Contrary to football betting, potential (unlimited) extra time is also included in your bet slip. To break it down, the money line has two potential outcomes. Either Team A or Team B wins in the end. If you decide to make a basketball bet on NBA, you can get very good basketball betting odds, because the teams are often quite balanced. Do not forget that online sports betting on this particular sport can be quite lucrative!

Against The Spread Betting

Fairly popular is against the spread of basketball betting. You basically place a bet on which team will cover the spread. If you choose the favorite team you will have to concede points and if you bet on the non-favorite team, your team will get so-called points on the spread. What does this bring to the table? Well, from the sports better’s perspective you have now a very even match – no matter if there’s a big favorite playing against an underdog.

The trick is to find those matches and lines, where the bookie might have the line value settled a little too low. For example, if the defending champion, the Golden State Warriors are so-called 10-point favorites against the Atlanta Hawks and they “only” win by 9 points and you betted on the Warriors to cover the spread – in that case, you lost your bet.

Player Prop Betting

For those basketball betting, you are not betting on the match outcome itself, instead, you place your bet on a specific event which is most of the time a particular player’s stat line. Most commonly those bets evolve around a player’s points, rebounds, or assists. Sometimes even those three categories combined. If you want to be successful at those bets – you really need to know what you are doing.

Check the stats and combine that knowledge with checking who might be his counterpart on the opposite team. How good is his defense, how did this matchup end the last time? You can find each one of those statistics online. If you are interested in player prop betting, you need to place your bet before the match starts. Depending on the game there are not always player prop bets available though. In general, it’s not possible to go for basketball live betting odds for player props.

Over & Under Betting

These kinds of bets are very common, no matter the sport. But for basketball betting, it’s very interesting. Before the match starts the bookmaker chooses a particular line for that match – and most of the time, these lines are quite correct. For example, a line is set at +212,5 points and it ends 114:100 – this means that you won your bet if you chose the Over. The betting lines are basically always between 175 and 245 points set. The best part about this market is, that if you bet on an over basically every possession is pure excitement.

Team Prop Betting

This type of basketball betting is very similar to the player props – but obviously, more team orientated. You can bet on a team’s points, which team scores first, or the amount of match total points. No matter what, you can find the right choice for your own bet.

Parlay Betting

Placing a parlay on the NBA matches of the night is definitely very popular for online sports betting and for basketball betting particularly. You rather place those bets with smaller stakes though. Even if the potential winnings can be tempting, try not to overestimate your own limit. For an NBA parlay, you put several picks into one bet slip. The odds get multiplied and if every single pick was right after the end of the night – you won. Betting against the spread with a couple of teams is the most popular choice for these kinds of parlays. Obviously, it’s also possible to bet with the spread.

Future Betting

The last betting tactic is future basketball betting as the name already suggests, these bets for the outcome of a future event. This could potentially be the next MVP, next NBA Champion, next Western or Eastern Conference Winner, etc. The important part of those kinds of bets is that you find the right timing for it. When to place it, to get the best odds for this special market. Check out sports news and find the most exciting basketball events in 2022!