Champions League Betting Overview

There are only a couple of other sporting events, which gain punter’s attention like Champions League betting. And after the last furious season, we’re definitely looking forward to the upcoming 2022/2023 one. We will give you a brief overview of what to expect, how the Champions League is structured, and what are the odds for you to make the most out of your money when it comes to Champions League betting! Obviously, there’s much more to it – than just picking one team and hoping for the best. All kinds of online sportsbook markets are available and we will explain the most important ones for 2022.

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The Champions League modus

The group stage of the Champions League is starting on the 6th and 7th of September. The participants are the previous Champions League winner, the winner of the Europa League, 26 automatically selected teams, another four teams as the playoff winners from the so-called Champions Path, and also the winners of the League Path. 32 teams in total, split into eight groups with four teams each. You can start champions league betting from the first matches with the best chance of winning at iBet.

After the group stage, the two best teams advance to the next round. The team which ends up in third place gets relegated down to the Europa League. In the round of 16 two teams meet and one of them advances to the next round after two games. The same applies afterward until two teams meet in the Champions League Final. Each game consists of bright emotions and struggles. Make your experience from one of the greatest Football events even more exciting by supporting your team online with the best odds of success!

Champions League Betting made easy

Obviously, there are lots of different betting possibilities. You can either place them pre-match or with live betting, which is very popular nowadays. You can basically bet here on everything – from the number of corners in a game to who receives the next throw-in. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent betting markets though!

  • Match Result: This one is obviously the most common one and similar to online basketball betting and tennis betting. You simply bet on the winner of a particular game. No matter if there is a potential overtime/penalties or not – the result after 90 minutes counts for your bet (unless stated otherwise).
  • Number of goals: One of the best online betting tactics is betting on a number of goals. You can check the line for different potential scoring outcomes, like +-1,5 goals,+-2,5 goals, +-3,5 goals, etc. This market is very popular when it comes to champions league betting, especially for matches where two teams play against each other with similar odds of winning. You can also bet on the same market for one-half only.
  • Double Chance: This market might be interesting for you if you want to go for the clear underdog, and get a completely outstanding experience from online betting. But you should be cautious because the odds of losing are higher. You can still win your bet – even if the outcome, in the end, is just a draw. It also works, if you want to go for the favorite obviously 
  • Draw no bet: You bet on either one of the teams. If the game ends with a draw – you get your stake back.
  • Goals in both halves: You simply bet on “Yes” or “No”. Pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Both teams to score: This one is also a fan favorite. Especially if two teams with an equal skill-set play against each other.
  • Halftime result: Basically the same market as the Match Result – it just ends at halftime.
  • Champions League 2022-23 Winner: The riskiest online market is champions league betting when you bet on the outright winner of the tournament. If you plan on betting on your favorite team – simply check the current odds on our iBet page. Currently, Manchester City is the favorite to win the Champions League 2022/2023 with odds of 3.75, followed by PSG, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid (last updated 22/08/2022).
  • Oddities: Those can basically include everything, depending on the match not every market might be available. You can for example bet on the number of corners or the number of yellow cards during a match. But those are just examples – it can basically be anything. It’s hard to predict though.
  • Accumulators: Champions League betting can also permit accumulators. Place several wagers from different matches all on the same bet slip. Your odds get multiplied and you can win large amounts with low stakes – but be careful: if one match goes wrong, you lose. Even if all other predictions were right.
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Champions League betting tips

As for all other online bets as well – you need to gather as much information about the particular game as possible. Take a look at the former matches of both teams, check the interviews upfront, and check if any key players might be missing, due to injuries. It might also come in handy if you check our iBet bonus page regularly. In 2022 you can find some nice goodies like free bets or risk-free bets. But let’s have a look at some more detailed tips first!

  • Even if it might be tempting sometimes to go for the underdog due to the odds for champions league betting online in 2022 – are still not very good, they really will end up winning. Be careful with those kinds of bets. The same applies to accumulator bets. Instead of taking a couple of underdog bets into your bet slip, go for a nice mixture of clear favorites and small favorites. You might get not odds that high – but your chance at winning in champions league betting is much better.
  • Use all the stats that are available before making a final decision on who to bet on. This is absolutely crucial. For example, the form of a team on home turf could be very much different from their form on foreign ground. Always make sure you have all the important information ready. To be updated about the latest information check our sports news section that might have an impact on your decision as well as your odds on success at iBet. Home teams tend to perform very well during the Champions League season. According to, online champions league betting 48% of the matches from last season ended with a win for the home team, 30% ended with a win for the away team and 22% of the matches ended with a draw.
  • The later stages of the Champions League are much harder to predict and potentially have better odds on gain a big win when you do it online with iBet live betting option. Obviously, during the group stage, there might still be a couple of teams that can’t keep up with the big dogs like Manchester City, PSG, Bayern Munich, and co. Champions League betting in 2022 might therefore be easier in group stages – even though the odds will probably be not as high during most matches. Both tournament stages have definitely advantages and disadvantages.
  • One of the best Champions League betting tactics is betting on goals scored, instead of the outcome of a match. Last season an average of 2,87 goals per match were scored. Your chances are pretty good, that it won’t be different for this season.