iBet Champions Cup: Win amazing cash prizes!

The best of the best meet again when Champions- and Europa League return this week. The third matchday is coming up from Tuesday until Thursday. Get ready to rumble on our sportsbook. Prove your expertise and compete against other sports betting fanatics. Every winning bet counts – no matter which sport or team you prefer. Here’s what you can win!

By the way: Ice Hockey fans are up for a treat as well – NHL season begins on Friday. With our tournament, we cater to every single sports fan. Excitement is guaranteed from Tuesday until Sunday! 

iBet Champions Cup Prize Pool: 

1st place € 300

2nd place € 200

3rd place € 100

4th place € 50

5th place € 50

6th place € 50

7th place € 50

8th place € 50

9th place € 25

10th place € 25

11th place € 25

12th place € 25

13th place € 25

14th place € 25

Champions Cup

How to participate at iBet Champions Cup:

✔️ Place your qualifying bets

✔️ Earn points by placing winning bets

✔️ Climb to the top of the ladder

The leader board will be calculated using the following formula: Amount Staked x winnings Odds.

Example: You place €10 on a single live bet, with odds of 2.00 Your points will be: 10 x 2.0 = 20 points

Sports Calendar Week 40

Football fans are definitely having a field day on Tuesday and Wednesday when the third matchday of the Champions League is coming up. Perfect for placing the first potentially winning bets for our Champions Cup.

The most interesting match is being held between Inter Milan and Barcelona. We are definitely expecting an interesting game – even though chances are good, that Barcelona will probably be victorious. At least that’s the most common outcome if you take a look at the past meetings between those two teams.

The two have played 14 games against each other so far and, as already mentioned, Inter Milan has only won two of those games. Barcelona, meanwhile, is already on eight wins against this opponent. The last time the two met was in 2019/20, with FC Barcelona winning both games 2-1.

Besides this game, the other high-profile matchup for Champions League on Wednesday is Chelsea against AC Milan. It’s going to be a tough one for the Italians though since they have only won one of their 20 European Cup away games on English soil (7 draws, 12 defeats).

The last one was a 1-0 win at Old Trafford against Manchester United. It’s been a while though. This game happened over 17 years ago. Maybe time for a change. Give it a shot and you might collect some points for our Champions Cup ranking. The same goes obviously for all your preferred Europa/Conference League bets. All winnings bets count – no matter what sport you are into.

Maybe football is not exactly your thing…but ice hockey is. In that case, it’s an interesting week as well with the new NHL season starting on Friday. The Nashville Predators have to square off against the San José Sharks.

As you can see – there are more than enough possibilities for placing some well-timed bets. By the way: the NBA season is only two weeks away as well. We are definitely looking forward to it, as well. Anyway: best of luck to you with our iBet Champions Cup this week!