Formula 1 betting guide and tips for Canadian fans  

Formula 1 is nowadays not only the most popular motorsport series. There are lots of exciting races during the season, that you can bet on. Obviously, there are plenty of different markets for your online sports betting experience, that might be interesting for you if you are a motorsport enthusiast. With this guide, we’re trying to walk you through the process and explain the most common bet possibilities and strategies for Formula 1 betting that definitely will help you to increase the odds of winning when you place a bet in Canada! 

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What are the most popular Formula 1 bets? 

Obviously, you need to do some research in front of placing any type of bet and maybe you will even find nice sports betting bonus for Canadian fans at iBet. Choose wisely for your so-called “to-win” bet. This one is for sure the most popular betting market concerning any kind of motorsport. But it is also quite different from football bets or ice hockey bets. You choose the driver who will win a particular race. If he finishes first at the end of the race, you win your bet – simple as that. The good thing about this market is, that you can quite often receive extremely attractive online betting odds 2022 for it, depending on which driver you are going for in the end.  

Popularity-wise the “futures bets” can be very appealing and tempting as well. You can bet for example on the upcoming Formula 1 champion or the team which will win the constructor’s championship. The best time to place such a bet is before the season starts though. F1 is really dynamic sport, so it is difficult to predict the winner of the next season. Depending on the current standings the huge favorite to win the title is the “Flying Dutchman” Max Verstappen with formula 1 online betting odds of 1.10, followed by Charles Leclerc and 8.00! However, you can also support Canadian driver – Lance Stroll and see how Aston Martin Team will perform in the next season  

At iBet you can even bet on “To how many thousandths of a second will the pole position winning time be” or on the “Championship Head-to-Head Winner”, the same applies to “Championship 2022 Constructor Winner”. Depending on the race it’s always useful to check back for different market possibilities. 

What to look out for? 

Even though during qualifying maybe not one of the big favorites from Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull might be in front – the probability of an underdog really winning a race is still relatively small. To phrase it differently: in F1 the best drivers with the best cars win. Simple as that. The Formula 1 betting odds might look very promising for some of the underdogs but most of the time – it’s not worth it. For that reason, try to not over-value qualifying results for example. But as always, the truth is somewhere to be found in the middle. Even though you shouldn’t be overwhelmed if an underdog performs well during a training session or even the qualifying – you should still check for it though. You might get useful information out of it. For example, if there are any corners on the racetrack that a particular car or driver has some issues with. Or a car is just not performing well on this racetrack. It’s all about the details!  

Know the racetrack & the best potential drivers 

This is crucial. Some cars and drivers are destined to be good for a particular racetrack. Therefore, you need to check the previous results from the years before. Or did a driver maybe have some troubles in the earlier stages of the season? Formula 1 betting is all about the details, that can have a big impact on the race results and make your odds of winning higher or lower. Try to gather as much information as possible, whether through interviews or by doing the research yourself. These tactics will allow you to take the most out Formula 1 betting experience. In this case, you need to be updated with the latest sports news that increases the odds of success.  

Check the stats 

Obviously, in a sport like F1, it’s about milliseconds and the little details that lead to it. You can learn a lot through the huge amount of data, that is available for everyone. No matter if you are doing research about the drivers, the race cars, or the racetracks – the more you know, the better. It’s always useful to understand the racetrack history and how the different drivers performed in previous races. Formula 1 is heavily data-driven for obvious reasons. That’s why taking advantage of Formula 1 betting is a completely different experience from other types of sports betting. 


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Formula 1 betting tips 

  1. If you want to be in plus when you participate in Formula 1 betting one of the most crucial rules in 2022 is to prepare yourself and do your research in front of each race. Check on the drivers and the teams before each race weekend. Obviously, you might get lucky without it sometimes but usually, you need to put in the work, to make the best selection. 
  1. The driver’s form is crucial combined with the technical aspects of the car and how reliable both are together. So, it is essential to check for information available online as well as in traditional sources that might give you a hint if the car and driver are in good shape. Consistency is key. 
  1. Always keep your bankroll in mind. You need to watch your budget and never bet any money, that you can’t afford to lose. Simple as that. Formula 1 betting as well as sports betting overall should be about fun, no matter what sport you want to bet on. 
  1. Check for value. Find the markets that are worth betting on. If you always go for the clear favorite – chances are good, that you win most of the time – but if it goes wrong twice in a row, for example, it’s going to take quite a while to get it back. The moral of the story is: to check for the path in the middle and develop your own tactic that will provide you with the best odds of success.  
  1. Always keep one eye on the weather forecast for the weekend. This can have a major impact on the race results. Especially if there’s rain prediction. Some cars and drivers are good with those conditions and others might have some trouble adjusting to them. The race itself takes approximately between 90 and 120 minutes – therefore the weather might even shift in between. Obviously, some racetracks tend to be “rainier” than others. Chances are good that on the Abu Dhabi racetrack for the season final there’s not going to be any rain due to obvious reasons, whereas in Silverstone the chances for rain are higher. 


If you are a motorsport enthusiast, online betting on Formula 1 is the way to go. The F1 betting possibilities in one of the best Canadian bookmakers are very straightforward and beginner-friendly since most betters tend to simply bet on the outright winner of a particular race. Even though most of the time the same couple of race drivers come out on top – there’s still some room left for interpretation. The best advice for a data-driven sport like formula 1 is, to collect as much information as possible, and to become successful at Formula 1 betting you need to check the best online betting odds in 2022 at iBet.