The Guide how to play Solitaire in online casino

Solitaire is one of the most famous card games on this planet besides Poker and Blackjack. It’s popular all around the world – even if it is not that easy. In solitaire, four piles are always formed, each with one suit, and the cards must be placed in the familiar order of Ace to King. This basic rule also applies to all other three stacks and cannot be changed or canceled by special agreements or extra rules. Interested? Check out the following guidelines and tips and you might master the art of how to play Solitaire. In case, you rather go for some other casino games like Roulette simply check our live casino section and you can find all kinds of games!

Solitaire basics

First, seven longitudinal rows or piles are dealt with, with only the top card of each pile visible. The other 24 cards that are not dealt are stacked next to the longitudinal rows. Above the dealt cards, there are always four empty stacks, which are called “stacks”.

How to move the cards?

In general, it is allowed to place a card on an open card – but only if it’s in the correct order. The card needs to have the right color as well. All cards may be moved either individually or in sets from one longitudinal row to another, provided that the correct order is always maintained. If a card becomes free within a longitudinal row, it must be turned over. If a row becomes empty, a king may be placed on top of it, and a new row begins. The goal of Solitaire is to place all cards in the correct order in the fourth pile. Each pile must always start with an ace.

What’s about to happen with the stack of unused cards?

It might definitely happen, that you can’t manage to get rid of your cards in the longitudinal row. If that’s the case – simply check your stock. The first three cards are always turned. You can move the card which is laying on top but you are not allowed to move the other two cards. You are only eligible to play with the top stock card.

In case the top stock card can’t be used – you are allowed to turn three more cards as well. This can be applied unlimited times. If all cards in stock have been used, you start all over again. It’s not allowed to shuffle those cards, they simply stay as they are.

By the way: be ensured that a solitaire game can take up an unlimited amount of time as well. The game is finished as soon as all four staples are filled up completely – or you can’t add any more cards. To win at solitaire you simply need to be the one who has all four staples ready! In case, you want to play for real money, check our Canada casino bonus offers and increase your odds of winning.

Enjoy your casual game of solitaire – and in case you need some variety. You might want to check out our online casino!

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