The guide on how to bet on table tennis online

If you are looking for a sport with fast-paced matches and continuous action, table tennis betting is the right choice for you. Since table tennis is not a physically demanding sport like most others, players typically play a ton of matches over the course of their careers. This presents betting enthusiasts with a unique opportunity of following and placing bets with the top odds on their most loved players multiple times a day while a table tennis tournament or series is taking place. As previously mentioned, this is unlike most sports. Take football betting, for example, where you have the option of betting on your favorite team only once or twice a week at most.

In general, to provide some background on the sport, table tennis is most frequently associated with Asian nations. This makes sense considering that Asians are the most prominent force in the sport with men and women consistently dominating the sport throughout its history. For instance, China has taken home both the men’s and women’s team titles 21 times apiece. The standard format for table tennis matches follows a “best of five” game with each game lasting to 11 points. However, if the score gets to 10-10, a two-point advantage rule applies for a player to take the game. There are some exceptions though, with some competitions like the Olympics utilizing a “best of seven” games format to offset the upsets that are a very common occurrence in the sport.

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Different types of Table Tennis betting odds

As it is the case with other online sports betting options that are part of our all-encompassing betting coverage, the table tennis betting markets and odds are more or less an all-inclusive package. Following are some specifics on the most prominent markets included in our online betting offer:

Match Winner: Perhaps the most straightforward way to bet on table tennis. This betting market, as its name implies, is centered on who will win a certain duel in the end.

Game Winner: This table tennis betting option is similar to the match-winner betting market, but instead of betting on the match-winner, you can bet online on who will win a certain game.

Match Total Points: The objective of this betting market is to correctly predict the total sum of points the players will collectively score throughout the match. There is a varying line of points set out by us depending on the match and you need to either bet on over or under.

Game Total Points: In the same way that you can bet online on the match total points, you can only make a prediction on the total points that will be scored in a particular game.

In addition to these betting markets, available at your disposal we have table tennis betting markets such as “Game Points Odd/Even”, “Match Point Handicap”, and “Game Handicap”. We are continually working to expand the markets in which we for providing table tennis, but we are unsure of the timeline for when this will happen. As a result, we advise that you keep up with the most recent developments by checking out our sports news segment.

Useful information to bet on Table Tennis

  • Consider players’ Head-to-Head rankings as well as current ranking. It is of the utmost importance to familiarize yourself with the table tennis player you are about to place a bet on. As a starting point, take a quick peek at their statistical data which would immensely help you in the long run.
  • Before starting to participate in online table tennis betting, it is worth looking at the players’ recent form and style of play. It is imperative that you base your prediction on examining the current form and style of play of the opposing players in a match. With the help of this information, you will be able to quickly recognize potential trends that will increase your chance of winning.