How to play Bingo: Beginners guide

Like Keno, this game has been around for a long time. Nowadays it’s having a comeback because of its ongoing popularity. No need to go to a bingo hall though luckily. Simply play it online at our iBet casino. You can play different Bingo online games at iBet, like Rio Bingo, Rainforest Magic Bingo, Sweet Alchemy Bingo, Viking Runecraft Bingo, Calavera Bingo, Instant Bingo, Tomatina Bingo, Bingo 75, Bingo 90 or Extra Bingo.

In case you still need some further knowledge about Bingo online – you came to the right blog. We’ll offer some valuable insights!

Bingo online Tutorial

No matter which of the aforementioned Bingo games you want to play – the game principle is more or less the same. You start with buying a bingo online ticket. As soon as the game starts, a caller is drawing numbered balls completely randomly. Afterward, you simply mark off the particularly drawn numbers on your card. The person who achieves the complete needed pattern the quickest – wins. There are still a couple of relevant differences though. In this overview, we will consider the most popular Bingo online variations Bingo 75 and Bingo 90. However, before starting the game do not forget to look through special casino bonuses for Canadian players.

If you want to play Bingo 75 version, there are obviously only 75 bingo balls. You are crossing off the numbers on your Bingo online ticket. Altogether there are five horizontal lines and five columns. Every column is headed by a letter. In the end, it spells Bingo.

The first column is “B” and it has the numbers from 1-15. The second column is obviously the “I” and it has the numbers from 16-30. There’s one joker in the game. It’s right in the middle of the card. There’s no number on it and it still counts as being covered. Altogether there are three ways to win here:

  1. Coverall: As the name already gives away – you try to cover all 24 numbers on your card
  2. Line Wins: If you can complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. It has to be fully complete.
  3. Bingo Pattern Wins: Before a game starts, a particular pattern or shape will be declared. If you manage to cover it entirely – you win.

When it comes to playing Bingo 90 online there are 15 numbers on a 90-ball bingo ticket. This time they are getting arranged in a 9×3 grid. Each row on a card contains 5 numbers and 4 empty squares. Each column has a different set of numbers. The first column for example contains numbers from 1 to 9, the second contains numbers from 10 to 19, and on it goes.

  1. 1 Line win: Simply try to cover a horizontal line on your card
  2. 2 Line win: In that case, you go for two horizontal lines but don’t worry, they don’t need to be on the same ticket where one line was crossed off. But they need to be on the same ticket as each other.
  3. Full House win: As the name already gives away – you aim to mark off all your numbers on the ticket.

In general, playing Bingo online it’s like that: the more tickets you purchase, the better your chances of winning. Obviously, it’s not a guarantee though and you should always be aware of your bankroll management. Never chase any losses. That’s rule number one for responsible gaming. Only gamble with money that you can afford to lose, no matter if it is Bingo online or any other game.

For your information: In case you might ask yourself if Bingo is a game of skill – no it is not. In this sense, Bingo is similar to slot games where you can’t really influence the outcome of the game. Good luck to you!

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