Reactoonz slot game – the latest review 2022

Our online casino is state of the art and you can basically find every popular slot on our online casino. Play’n Go has hit a real bull’s eye with Reactoonz. The bonus game always leads to exciting reactions, as the title already reveals. They are anything but ordinary, because contrary to our assumption, nothing about playing Reactoonz online is what you would expect from a traditional slot machine.

What’s there to know about Reactoonz?

The first thing that stands out about this blockbuster from Play N’ Go is that it does without the typical paylines for slot games. The game provider also offers a special structure here, because instead of classic reels, players can expect a 7×7 grid. The challenge is to form combinations of three and more Reactoonz protagonists. Winnings resulting from the bet value selected by the player, which can be set variably between 20 cents and 100 euros per round.

The title does not come by chance, because as soon as a chain of identical symbols is formed, it dissolves after the payout of the associated win, and new images can move up. From these, if things go well, a chain reaction results directly – and without a new slot round bet being necessary.

Reactoonz Features

Compared to other Book of Dead – Reactoonz is definitely different. No free spins or any kind of different bonus round whatsoever. That does not detract from the whole the least single bit. Let’s have a look at the different alternate feature possibilities.

Instability Bonus

If a round is started and it does not lead to a win three times in a row, the Gargantoon comes into play.

In the instability bonus round, he has the chance to win four to eight wild cards, which are randomly added to the game field.

If this results in a quantum snake, the said Gargantoon itself takes over the wild function and can occupy up to 3×3 spaces. If new symbols fall into the field from above, the Gargantoon splits and moves across the fields to complete new winning combinations in the best case.


The Quantum Leap Meter is located to the right of your game screen. It is further charged whenever winning combinations arise and lead to a payout.

If 25 symbols result in a so-called quantum snake and the meter is completely filled, quantum features are added to the game area – up to four of them:

  • Implosions: They cause three to six symbols to turn into Wilds, but before that, surrounding symbols are destroyed.
  • Cuts: Through this power-up, wilds can be cut in the middle. This now results in two independent lines that are scored individually. The wild typically takes over completing potential combinations.
  • Destruction: One-eyed symbols are dissolved by the red Power Up, and new images subsequently move into the playing field from above.
  • Changes: The green Power Up allows individual one-eyed symbols to be selected and transformed into any other symbol.


As you can see – there are quite a lot of options to win for this particular game. Even without the possibility of receiving classic free spins. Unusual features, chain reaction wins, and attractive odds – all these aspects make Reactoonz a real hit game from the Play N’ Go brand. Thanks to entertaining protagonists that are out of this world, a good mood immediately arises regardless of bets and winning prospects.

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