Golf betting – how to win a bet in Canada  

During the last couple of years, the overall popularity of Golf in the online sports betting world has risen steeply in Canada. All the major PGA tournaments are available through our sportsbook at iBet. You are a golf fan and want to add to the excitement? In that case, golf betting is exactly the way to go. There are lots of different interesting markets and you can for example bet on the outright winner or place bets on each round of the tournament. Following up we will illustrate all the possibilities that are on the menu for your future golf bets. And choose the best tactics that multiply your odds and bring you great gains in 2022. Be ensured that there is the right bet for every golf fan! 

Start Winning Now!

Place your winning bet on the tournament 

This one is obviously the most common one. Before the tournament starts you simply place your bet on the outright winner. The same applies to betting on the winner of the round. Major tournaments like the Masters in Augusta or the US Open are stretched over four rounds. There are many Golf betting markets available for Canadian bettors for the big tournaments often start very early. If you want to score the best possible odds – be an early adapter as well.  

Bet on the top placements for the tournament 

Obviously, the major tournaments have a large field of participants. Even if the world elite in golf is often a closed circle, it’s hard to really predict the tournament winner upfront. If you’re unsure if your chosen one will win the tournament in the end, you can improve your chances by placing your bet on the top5, top10, or top20. With this said, the golf betting online odds are not as big as if you would bet on the outright winner. 

Place each way bets 

As already mentioned, the field of participants for the major golf tournaments is quite big and if you feel like betting on the underdog, you can score a major jackpot if you or your chosen player really gets lucky. The odds are slim – but it’s still possible. The best Canadian sportsbook provides you with higher odds of winning by placing a so-called each-way bet. For example, you predict player X will finish at the top5, and you also predict the winner of the tournament. If in the end he really comes out on top – he obviously also finished within the top5. In that case, both separate payouts hit. If he only finishes within the top5 but doesn’t win the tournament – only one payout hits obviously. To make the right bet you need to look through the latest sports news and do not forget about our bonuses and free bet offers that allow you to make a bet on football betting or basketball betting for free.  

Bet on the Over/Under for player’s round scores 

Depending on the player that you want to place your bet on, there’s a certain line for each round and you can place your bet on if a player will go over or under for the score of the round. 

Golf prop bets 

For those kinds of online bets, you are not wagering on the tournament outcome itself, instead, you can for example place a rather unusual bet on if one of the tournament players will hit a hole in one or if a player will make the cut. There are also sometimes even more rather “wacky” types of golf betting possibilities that are less skill driven. Those bets are more fun orientated. 

Place your Head-to-Head bet & three-way-odds 

You don’t want to bet on a single player against the whole field of participants? No problem, you can also bet on one player against another player in a head-to-head bet. The online golf betting odds for 2022 for this market are very similar to the moneyline odds. Rather spice it up a little? In that case, you can add a third player to the mix and bet on your personal favorite to come out on top at the end of the tournament. 

Golf betting tips 

If you are new to the world of golf betting, we can share some good advice with you. In order to be successful in betting on golf in 2022, it is necessary to consider the following factors before you want to place your next golf bet online in Canada in order to have the best odds of success. If you want to bet on the outright winner of a tournament, you should obviously check the current player’s form. Golfers can have hot and cold streaks – just like other sports teams as well. Always check the last tournament results from the player that you want to place your bet on. But be careful: even if a player was successful or won his former tournaments – it’s often depending on the field of the participants.  

Another factor for a potential tournament outcome is the so-called course fit, which is extremely important when you want to be successful in online betting. Similar to tennis betting, where players have more and less popular tournaments due to the surface that they play on. Players have certain strengths, for example, the “long-hitters” prefer a more wide fairway and a longer course in general, whereas players with shorter drives prefer a shorter course with more narrow fairways. The best way to find out if a player is good on a particular course is to check possible former course results. Another good indicator is regional familiarity. This means if a player is from the same state or region that the tournament gets played in – he’s more likely to have a lot of experience from practice rounds outside of the event itself. It’s a big advantage that is necessary to consider when you want to make golf betting less risky and have higher odds to win the bet. 

Similar to cricket betting in golf the big influence factor is also the weather. It might be very useful to check the weather forecast to see if it’s supposed to rain or if heavy winds might occur. If the weather prediction is bad, it might come in handy to European players – since they probably have more experience with bad weather than a golf pro that’s based in the sunshine state of Florida for obvious reasons. The same goes for different start times. If a player is starting very early in the morning, he might face a softer and slower course. The later a tee time is, the more “dry” is the course – and this implies that the greens and fairways are faster.  

All those factors are influencing the way a tournament is played as well as the odds of winning when you are involved in golf betting. In order to win the bet online in 2022, you have to remember that before you place your bet, always do your research and it will definitely help you with your potential positive outcome of the tournament. By the way: always check out iBet promotions in front of the major tournaments like odds boosts, free bets, and other goodies, and use our special Canadian bonus to make your experience from golf betting even better.