NHL betting – How to Bet on the National Hockey League 

NHL betting is popular all over Canada, the USA, and Europe. Of course, as a leading Canadian bookmaker iBet offers our users nothing but the best from NHL betting all over the world. First and foremost, we want to be sure that you are aware of the most basic terms, tips, and events in the most important and popular ice hockey league in the world: the NHL.  

Let’s have a look at NHL online betting odds in general and every other term or market that is important to remember in order to increase the odds of winning on NHL betting in 2022. Obviously, moneyline is the same term for every sport. NHL betting is here no different from boxing betting or football betting. Besides that, it’s all about the puck line and the goal totals. If we’re speaking about puck line – this is also called NHL against the spread and means you’re taking a particular team at +1,5 goals or -1,5 goals. The total goals are all goals combined from both teams and you’re betting on an over or under-market.  

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How to bet on NHL at iBet?  

One right from the start: no matter what you want to bet on in 2022, be it pre-match betting or live sports betting – our sportsbook is exactly the right choice for it. You can make a bet in a flexible way online especially when you do in-play betting. It’s quick and easy on our platform and we offer a broad variety for every important market. Besides the aforementioned money-, puck line, and the total goals there are obviously even more player prop bets, team prop bets, period winners, or the exact score that allows you to choose the perfect option for you and increase the odds of success.   

Which game to bet on?  

The NHL regular season has 82 games, like the NBA regular season. If you’re looking for the right game to bet on you can choose between lots of matchups almost every day of the week. The regular season alone consists of 1271 games. Check back to our page for regular updates on any potential sports betting bonus for NHL – we have very hot offers for fans from Canada that ultimately provide you with higher odds of winning a bet!  

Ice hockey betting in a nutshell  

As already mentioned before, there are quite a few options to place your online bets on NHL. Following up you can find the most important and useful terms for it.  

Live Betting  

Nowadays you can basically watch online every single sports event wherever you are in the world. Due to that fact, the popularity of live NHL betting has risen all over the world, however, this trend has drastically increased in Canada in recent years. Ice hockey is a very fast-paced sport and therefore it’s perfect for betting live. Our sportsbook is state of the art and we’re offering permanent NHL live betting odds of the highest standard in Canada. Compared with the pre-match markets some of them are not available for live betting but you can find all the most important markets anyway.  

Money Line Betting  

As for every other sport, NHL betting on the money line means, that you are betting on one team to win. No option of a game ending in a tie means that overtime and shootouts are counting to the result as well. You will either win or lose.  

Puck Line Betting  

This one is particularly important for the NHL-specific markets in 2022. You have two possibilities in this case. You either bet on the favorite by winning with at least two goals in advance or you can root for the underdog with a virtual advantage of two goals. That means if the underdog loses by just one goal difference, or the underdog wins the game – you win as well. The puck lines can change though, depending on the matchup itself.  

NHL Over & Under Betting  

No matter which sport – over & under bets have always been a fan favorite. The same applies to NHL betting as well. For the so-called total markets, you place your bet on the total amount of goals by both teams combined. Depending on the matchup our sportsbook provides you with a specified line and ranges basically always between over & under 4,5 goals up to over & under 8,5 goals. The more accurate you are with your predictions the higher odds of getting the most lucrative result.  

Player Prop Bets  

Here applies also the same as for NBA player prop bets for example. You choose a specific player-based stat like points, goals, or anything else what’s on the menu. You can choose from a lot of variety in this sector. It is the perfect tactic and can increase your odds of winning if you are getting up-to-date and secure information about the player and the team.   

Futures Betting  

For this special NHL betting market, it’s not about any regular season game, instead, it’s all about the long-term possibilities. For example, who wins the Stanley Cup, Conference, or Division? A future NHL market can also focus on which player will win the MVP title. Before the season starts those specified markets are already open. Predict the correct outcome and using our platform make your bet online in seconds and you can win big money!  

Parlay Betting  

Even if a parlay or combination bet is obviously riskier than a single bet, it can also work in your favor because the odds are multiplying. It has to be a combination of at least two or more bets.  

Team Prop Bets  

For player prop bets you can basically apply the same. The online NHL betting odds are determined by the sportsbook itself and you can bet on different propositions of occurrence or not occurrence – obviously team and not player based in this case.  

Which ice hockey leagues can you find on iBet?  

Obviously, we’re not only catering to NHL fans with our sportsbook. The most important leagues to follow for fans of the Europe ice hockey leagues are all covered at iBet. The popularity of the NHL is high not only in Canada but the number of fans in Europe is dramatically rising in 2022 – especially in Scandinavian countries like Finland and Sweden. Besides that, we also offer leagues from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Champions League Hockey is also a big thing at iBet. Watch out for any potential iBet promotions and special offers for Canadian bettors for the big tournaments as well. Find upcoming events and get new emotions from ice hockey betting with iBet.   

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NHL Betting Tips  

Bet only on things that you know. In 2022 iBet provides you with many options to choose from if you want to place a bet on an ice hockey match – no matter if you’re going for the European market or want to place your bet on NHL. If you want to place a moneyline bet, it’s always important to check for the home and away forms of both teams. This is necessary for any form of online sports betting and can give a valuable hint for your own bet. If you’re not sure what to bet before the game starts maybe have a look at the first couple of minutes of the game and have a look at the ice hockey live betting odds instead and watch how both teams interact and win a bet at the best online Canadian bookmaker – iBet.