NBA Finals 2023: Betting Odds & Tips

The NBA Finals of 2023 have come to their boiling point. The Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat are locked in a titanic struggle, battling it out for the title. The stakes are high; the NBA Championship title and the chance to succeed the Golden State Warriors as the league champions.

The NBA Playoffs Finals kicked off on June 2nd, with a maximum of seven matches slated to run until June 19th at the latest.

Here, we offer comprehensive details about the NBA Finals, including the complete schedule, and the key question that has the sports betting world on edge: Who are the favorites according to the bookmakers’ odds?

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The NBA Finals 2023 Schedule

The NBA Finals began on June 2nd, with the Denver Nuggets enjoying home court advantage in the opening games against the Miami Heat. The schedule allows for a three-day break between each game, except for a two-day break between Games 3 and 4 in Miami.

The earliest possible date for the crowning of a new NBA Champion is June 10th with Game 4. However, the new North American basketball champion will be decided by the morning of June 19th at the latest, when the NBA has scheduled a potential Game 7.

NBA Finals 2023 Predictions: Nuggets vs Heat, Who’s the Favorite?

In the NBA Finals 2023 predictions, the Denver Nuggets are the undoubted favorites. They’ve enjoyed a strong playoff run, never needing a Game 7. They’ve outperformed the Minnesota Timberwolves 4:1 and the Phoenix Suns 4:2, before sweeping the LA Lakers in the Western Conference Finals. Increase your chances to win by following our comprehensive NBA guideline and learn how to get the highest payouts with iBet!

However, the Miami Heat have been the surprise package of the playoffs, just making it as the #8 Seed in the East. They defeated former champions Milwaukee Bucks 4:1 and the New York Knicks 4:2, before barely scraping through the Boston Celtics 4:3.


Betting Odds for NBA Finals

Betting odds from bookmakers suggest that the Denver Nuggets are the favorites. For example, leading bookmaker ibet has the Nuggets’ odds of winning the title at 1.23, equivalent to a win probability of 81%.

On the other hand, the Miami Heat are seen as the underdogs, with NBA betting odds going up to 4.25, translating to a win probability of 24%.

The key reasons behind the Nuggets’ favoritism by bookmakers are likely their dominant performances in the playoffs so far and home-court advantage in the final series.

NBA Finals Mode

The NBA Finals aim to crown the new league champion. The Western Conference winner, the Denver Nuggets, face off against the Eastern Conference champion, the Miami Heat, in a Best-of-7 format.

This means the team that first secures four wins becomes the new NBA Champion. Thus, the NBA Finals could potentially be over after just four games. This is set to be a thrilling series, with every match crucial for both teams.